• user: indicates the person in possession of a suitably validated Ezero Account and the person

who uses the scooter
• app: indicates the Ezero mobile application used to manage and use the Rental Service

• account: indicates the account created by the user during the registration process on the App, validated
by Ezero, for the purpose of signing the Contract
• scooter: indicates the electric scooter that can be rented by the user for one use

actual, belonging to Ezero Mobility.
• contract: the agreement between Ezero Mobility and the User / Customer to establish, settle or terminate
between them a legal patrimonial relationship
• general conditions effective towards the User, if at the time of conclusion

of the contract he got to know them with ordinary diligence
• rental period: time period of execution of each Ezero contract which is intended by

confirmation of the activation of the scooter and which ends with the actual return of the same
scooter as required by these general conditions
• customer: the person who signed the Ezero contract

• assistance center: subjects assigned to telephone and email help for the User
• green area: where it is possible to travel with the scooter and park the
• red area: where it is possible to transit with the scooter but it is forbidden to park the scooter

• blue area: where the speed of the scooter is automatically reduced to 6 km per hour because of the area

Ezero will rent the electric scooters to the User in accordance with the terms and
conditions contained in the
this contract and upon payment of the relative fee, as described below. Ezero and the User are the only parties to this contract. The User is the sole hirer and is the only person responsible for compliance with all the terms and conditions contained in this contract. The User understands that, a
once the scooter is activated, the latter
it must be used only by the User. The User must not allow others to use a

scooter that has activated. The User must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the
circulation of scooters. In this regard, express reference is made to Legislative Decree 285/1992 (code

of the road), than here
must be understood as fully referred to and transcribed, to all national and local regulations applicable in
relation to traffic, roads, pedestrians, bus lanes, charging area, use areas, electric vehicles and
safety, including without limitation any laws on the use of the helmet and the methods
circulation and parking possibly established by the individual Municipalities as well as the applicable regulations,
also with reference to the Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport no. 229 of 4 June 2019 in
cases in which the service is provided as part of the trial referred to in the aforementioned
DM and paragraphs 75, 75-
bis, 75-ter, 75-quater, 75-quinquies, 75-sexies, 75-septies of art. 1 of the Budget Law
of 27 December 2019,
thus amended by law no. 8 of 28 February 2020, and to the CIRCULATION OF

MAY 2020, referred to in Annex A of the Municipal Council Resolution n. 208 of12.05.2020 (which does

integral and substantial part of this contract in ATTACHMENT 1). The user declares to be at least 14 years old. The use of the scooter is expressly forbidden to people of age

under the age of 14. Drivers under the age of eighteen are also required to wear a suitable one
protective helmet. It is not necessary for the driver to hold a driving license. The User declares to be familiar with the operation of the scooter and to be able and

physically suitable for its use. The User assumes all the responsibilities and risks of any

injuries, limitations and / or diseases, as specified below. The User is
responsible for determining whether the
his general capacity, medical conditions and weather conditions, including rain, snow,

hail, ice or storms, lightning and / or any other condition, whatever the cause, may cause

it is dangerous to use a scooter. The user is advised to adjust the driving
behavior, the
speed and braking distance in order to adapt to all conditions and variables, including the weather, the
visibility, the surrounding environment and traffic regulations and conditions.

The User declares to be aware of the applicable legislation in the territory of use of the

scooter, including the usage provisions set out in this agreement and any additional terms,
the provisions of the law and any legislation locally applicable to the circulation and / or use of scooters.

The User undertakes to comply with the aforementioned provisions.

In order to be able to use the rental, the User must make the appropriate registration of their data on the App
Ezero, after downloading it.
Registration takes place by entering the name and surname, email address and telephone number.Unless otherwise permitted in writing, each User may register
only one on the Ezero App
Account. Ezero is given the right to refuse the registration of an Account or to
suspend or close an account
The User may not authorize third parties to use his / her Account, nor transfer or otherwise transfer the

your Account to any other person or Entity for the purpose of accessing and / or using the Services.
With the completion of the registration procedure and the relative acceptance of the terms of

contract, the User declares to:
- have saved and / or printed a copy of the Privacy Policy and these Ezero General Conditions, of
to have read and understood them and to have nothing to object to;
- fully accept the Ezero General Conditions by concluding the Ezero Contract;
- fully accept the Tariff Plan.
The registration procedure is subject to subsequent confirmation by Ezero, with the right to verify the
documentation provided.
In order to register on the Ezero App, the User must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Before
of accessing and / or renting the scooter, the User must provide a credit card number or

credit card and related payment information and must also provide the name on the card
credit or debit card number, card type, expiration date and any activation numbers or codes

necessary for Ezero to debit the credit card with the amounts accrued. By providing the data indicated,
the User authorizes Ezero and / or the third operator to charge his card whenever possible e

in any case within thirty (30) days from the authorization of the card. For any
activated scooter
the User agrees to pay the price established in the Ezero App, which will charge the credit / debit card on
applicable price. At its discretion Ezero may offer payment and / or subscription
plans for members,
also publishing them on its website. All requirements must be maintained for the duration of the
Ezero contract. Any supervening deficiency of one or more requirements must be immediately
communicated in writing to the Assistance Center which may suspend the service and terminate the Contract if necessary
Ezero. Ezero reserves the right to deny access to the Service on the basis of its unquestionable assessment on the
solvency of the potential customer, or on his previous incorrect operation with Ezero or with any other
manager operating in the car / bike / scooter Sharing sector, in this regard Ezero has

a notification system has been set up
to the User of non-compliance with the rules, up to exclude him from the service in case of repeated


Therefore, to access Ezero's rental services, the User must create an account and for this purpose he undertakes
to provide truthful, accurate, up-to-date and complete information as required by the registration page ea

maintain and promptly update registration data to keep them truthful, accurate, current and

complete. If the User provides false, inaccurate, not current or incomplete information or Togo has
reasonable grounds for suspecting that such information is false, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, you will have the right to suspend or terminate your account and reject any and all current or future use of the Services (or any part thereof).

The User is fully responsible for the security and confidentiality of his account and responsible
of all activities that occur within your account. The User yes

undertakes not to share
information relating to your account with third parties and not to allow third parties
to access the Services using
information relating to your account, also obliging itself to communicate any unauthorized use to Ezero
of your account or any other breach of security or deemed to be such. Ezero
reserves the right and
the User agrees to provide third parties with the data relating to the User's billing, to his account, to the
archives relating to content and use and related information in certain
circumstances (e.g. in
case of, unresolved, disputes, ordinances, warrants or requests for exhibition, or in order to protect the rights
of Ezero its business or its customers, or when, in some cases, data sharing is required in

mandatory manner by the competent authorities).


Anyone who is at least 14 years old ("Minor") can use the Ezero scooter if the parent or legal guardian of the
Minor has registered the Account on behalf of the minor and has given his consent and is committed to

supervise the use of the Service by the Minor, and has declared and guarantees that he / she and the
Minors have accepted these terms and also warrant that they are fully responsible for each

accident, damage, cost and expense resulting from the use of the services by the Minor, in accordance with i
following Terms and as required by law.
Anyone under the age of 14 cannot use the Services or Ezero scooters.


During each rental period and until the end of the same, the User must also benefit from a

data connection service supporting all costs on the basis of the agreements in place with the service company
telephone numbers chosen by him.
If due to the poor connection of the Device it is not possible to terminate the

rental, the User must
park the scooter elsewhere and repeat the operation. If the User abandons the scooter without

having duly concluded the contract, it will continue with the consequent debit of the amounts
correspondents as required by the tariff plan in force at the time of the
conclusion of the contract.


Ezero will be able to offer free rental promotional trials for a limited period or at special discounted prices.
If the User signs up for a trial, the rights to use the scooters will be limited by the terms of that
test and will terminate or renew under the terms of your test agreement or under the

conditions established by Ezero that the User hereby declares to accept. At the end of the free trial,
the agreement will continue under normal conditions, ie no preferential conditions
will apply to the

Contract and to the User.

The scooters are owned by Ezero Mobility and the User accepts that the services, the scooters and
any equipment connected to them is the exclusive property of Ezero Mobility.

The User is not allowed to modify the scooter in any way, not even by engraving or drawing it
on or painting it or repairing it or defacing it in any way and in all its parts and in any case it is not

Permitted to write, peel off or otherwise modify or deface any stickers on the
scooters. It is not allowed
use any scooter for advertising or commercial purposes. The User agrees to return the scooter in the same condition in which it was rented and will be responsible for the costs of repairing and / or replacing any scooter or part thereof to which

the user causes damage, except for normal wear and tear. The User accepts and acknowledges that the scooters are not always

available and must be hired
within the maximum rental times. The number of scooters is limited and the availability of the scooter is not
never guaranteed.
Ezero can never be responsible for any negative effect or consequence suffered by
the User
itself (eg delays) deriving from the unavailability of the scooters. Ezero, its officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers or licensors have adopted each

reasonable precaution in offering the services, but make no representations or warranties regarding the
content of the application of the base software, including but not limited to its

accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness. Ezero will not be responsible for any delays or interruptions of the
data or information flow and does not guarantee that the application and other services
will be available every

In fact, the User is aware that the Service may be subject to limitations and impediments that
go beyond the control of Ezero, such as, by way of example and not limited to:

- malfunction of the Internet connection of the User and / or Ezero;
- the malfunction of electronic equipment (e.g. GPS localization systems) used

by Ezero to perform the service and / or monitor the scooters;
- the interruption of the Service as a result of natural disasters or causes of force majeure or other causes not
attributable to Ezero;
- damage to the scooters by third parties;

- failure to recharge the scooter, in fact the scooters are electric and require periodic recharging
of batteries to work.


To start the contract, the User must access the EZERO APP via his device and activate the

The User, in order to be able to use the Ezero service, must follow the following procedure:
- add credit via credit and / or debit card or via the APPLE PAY service if already

set on the device to start a run, choosing the amount of the top-up;
- identification by the User of the scooter among those available and viewable on the map
present on the Ezero App through the location data transmitted by Ezero;
- unlock and start the journey and the amounts will be automatically charged as per the rate.

Before using a scooter the user must carry out a basic inspection related to the safety
of the scooter
vehicle, which must include checking the following components: wheels, operation of all brakes and lights (the
fixed white or yellow front light and rear red reflectors and fixed red light useful for signaling
must be fully functional otherwise it is not possible to use the scooter for half an hour

after sunset, during the whole period of darkness and during the day, if the weather conditions require
lighting), existence of any signs of damage, unusual or excessive wear and mechanical problems o

need for maintenance.
The scooter must therefore be free from any malfunction of the braking system, al
handlebars, structures, tires, acceleration device must all be in advance

The User is aware, acknowledges and accepts that, in the event of failure to notify the service center

either via cable, via email or via chat, the damage will be entirely attributed
to the User who used the
scooter at that time.
In any case, the User is strictly forbidden to make modifications and / or repairs. The user undertakes not to drive the scooter in the event that he encounters problems or defects

obvious or other unsafe conditions and, if while racing or after riding a scooter, the User
should you notice any defect or unsafe condition on the scooter, even if slight, you should not use the

scooter and will be obliged to stop driving, informing

the service center immediately for any
problems found.
Ezero will not be responsible for any damage suffered by the user or third parties, which could have been
be avoided if the user had carried out the above checks.


The user also understands and accepts the following:
- the charge level remaining in the scooter will decrease with use of the scooter (both in

time based that
at the distance); as charging power decreases, so does speed and other operational capabilities
of the scooter could decrease (or completely cease);
- Ezero does not provide guarantees about the distance that can be covered and / or the time and / or the efficiency
use of the scooter before it runs out of charge. The scooter can

run out of charge and cease to function at any time during the rental, even before

reach the destination imagined by the User.
- Before using the scooter, the User must check the charge level and make sure it is

adequate for running. Furthermore, prior to use, the user must check whether the level of
residual charge is suf fi cient to cover the desired route, refraining from
using the scooter

or if the charge should be insufficient with respect to the planned route.
Ezero does not guarantee that the scooters are always available and the User accepts that Ezero can

request the return of the scooter at any time, even during the rental period. Ezero yes
also reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of rental services if so

situations that could compromise the safety of users, such as, for example, in the case of adverse weather conditions.


The User expressly accepts and declares that he will not use the scooter in violation
of any rules
of law and / or regulation and / or municipal, provincial, regional ordinance in particular relative, but not in via

exhaustive, driving the scooters on the sidewalks, at the speed and / or parking of the scooters.
The amendments made during the conversion to the decree-law of 30 December 2019, n.

162: art. 75 ter “The User can only travel on urban roads with a speed limit

of 50 km / h, where the circulation of bicycles is allowed, as well as on extra- urban roads, if it is
there is a cycle path, exclusively within the same. Scooters can't

exceed the speed of 25 km / h when driving on the carriageway and 6 km / h when driving in
pedestrian areas. From half an hour after sunset, during the whole period of darkness and during the day, if

weather conditions require lighting, propulsion scooters predominantly
with no or no fixed white or yellow front light and rear reflectors
red and solid red light, useful for visual signaling, cannot be used and can only be led or carried by hand. Anyone who travels with a propulsion scooter

mainly electric in violation of the provisions of this paragraph is subject to the
administrative payment of a sum from 100 to 400 euros. Art. 75-quater. Drivers of mainly electric powered scooters referred to in paragraph 75 must proceed on a single row in all cases in which the conditions of circulation

request it and,
however, never side by side in a number greater than two, they must have free use - 62 - of the arms and
hands and always hold the handlebars with both hands unless necessary

signal the turning maneuver. Drivers under the age of eighteen are also obliged to

wear a suitable protective helmet. It is forbidden to carry other people, objects or animals, of
towing vehicles, driving animals and being towed by another vehicle. From half an hour after

sunset, during the whole period of darkness and during the day, if the weather conditions
the drivers of propulsion scooters require lighting

mainly electric have
the obligation to wear the high visibility vest or retroreflective suspenders, referred to in
paragraph 4-ter
of the article 162 of the code referred to in the legislative decree 30 April 1992, n. 285. Anyone who violates the

provisions of this paragraph is subject to the administrative sanction of the payment of one
sum from € 50 to € 200.
For the circulation of electric scooters, the specific provisions relating to cycles, in

in particular, see art. 182 of the CdS and art. 377 of the related Implementing Regulations, with the following
modifications and additions: electric scooter drivers must proceed on a single row in all cases in

which the circulation conditions require, and in any case never side by side in more than two numbers (in
replacement of paragraph 1 of art. 182 of the CdS9; drivers of electric scooters must have free use

arms and hands and always hold the dumbbell with both hands unless necessary

report the turning maneuver (amendment of paragraph 2 of article 182 of the
CdS); to scooter drivers
electric it is forbidden to transport other people, objects or animals; lead animals; tow vehicles and be towed by
another vehicle (to replace paragraphs 3,5,6,7 and 8 of article 182 of the CdS).
The User also undertakes

during the period of use and rental of the scooter, not to use mobile phones, devices text messaging, portable music players and / or other distracting devices or

jeopardize the safe use of the vehicle.
Furthermore, the User will not use the scooter while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, drugs and / or any
another substance that could compromise the ability to drive the scooter itself and in any case the
possibility for the User to drive a scooter safely. They cannot, under any
circumstances, be
used by the User locking mechanisms other than those provided by Ezero. It is not possible
add another padlock to the scooter or, lock a Vehicle by hooking it to something or lock the

scooter so that the next user cannot unlock and / or use the scooter.

The User undertakes not to use the scooter for racing or stunts and undertakes not to put in

function or use the scooter on unpaved roads, in the water or in any prohibited, illegal and / or place
that causes harm to other road users.
The User undertakes not to use the scooter in the event of strong winds or bad weather, floods,

floods, inindazioni, overflows, earthquakes. The User undertakes not to use the scooters in
execution of a professional assignment, and not to use the scooters in violation of laws, regulations,

regulations and / or ordinances.
The User must not exceed the maximum weight limit, or load, per scooter (100

kilograms) and must not tamper with, attempt to access unauthorized or otherwise use the
scooter or telematic services offered by Ezero in a way that does not comply with this agreement.

The User undertakes to use the scooter with the care and diligence of a good family man (art.
1176 of the Italian Civil Code) observing the legislation and in particular that relating to road traffic avoiding

carefully to run over pedestrians as well as to cause collisions with vehicles

The User accepts and acknowledges that it is recommended to wear while
riding a scooter
always a helmet and the protective and visibility equipment prescribed by law and even if not required
by the laws, regulations and / or ordinances applicable to the area in which the scooter is used.
We recommend the use of an approved helmet with the CE mark, of the correct size,
worn and fi xed according to the
manufacturer's instructions. The User will be fully responsible for all
consequences, complaints, requests,
losses, liabilities, damages to oneself and to third parties, accidents, costs and expenses, penalties, legal costs, sentences, lawsuits
and / or settlement agreements, of any nature whatsoever caused by non-compliance with the recommendation relating to
helmet and protection and visibility devices and the User must

indemnify and indemnify Ezero from
any event caused by the User. Ezero does not guarantee the existence of safe places and / or places where
driving scooters. Roads, cycle paths and paths can become dangerous due to

weather, traffic and / or other dangers or circumstances beyond Ezero's control which will not and will not
be held responsible for any damage suffered by the User or third parties due to the driving of a

scooter in dangerous conditions. The responsibility for choosing the route falls entirely

on the User who is required to know the laws, rules, regulations and / or
ordinances applicable in the country
in which the services of Ezero are used. The User undertakes to use the scooters exclusively
in areas where scooters are permitted by Ezero or by local law and / or regulations. The User yes
undertakes not to use the scooters in prohibited areas (such as areas of urban centers, roads or areas where
the use of scooters is prohibited pursuant to the relevant municipal regulation) and assumes all responsibility
for any use of the scooter in prohibited areas, including any fines or fees, as a
the use by the user of a scooter in prohibited areas. The User undertakes to observe all laws, rules, regulations and / or ordinances (national / local)

relating to the use, driving and / or operation of scooters, including in particular,
but not in progress
exclusive, those relating to the use of scooters in the areas where the User uses them. Moreover

and by way of example, the User undertakes to comply with any regulations relating to compliance with the limits
speed prescribed by the regulations applicable in the place of use, on the use of helmets and related ones

the use of high visibility reflective jackets or suspenders. The User also undertakes to act in compliance
towards others in using the Ezero Services.
Specifically, electric scooters must respect the following speed limits: mixed routes

cycle and pedestrian paths max 10Km / h - pedestrian areas where the circulation of cycles is not forbidden max 6Km / h -
urban roads / carriageway traffic max 25Km / h.


The scooter cannot be parked outside the permitted areas (green areas) and cannot be

parked in privately owned areas or any other unapproved public or non-public space e
in any case where this is not permitted under the applicable legislation.
As vehicles, electric scooters must comply with the provisions of art. 157 of the CdS (stopping, braking and

vehicle parking) and by art. 351 of the related Implementing Regulation. For this purpose it is expressly forbidden by the Municipality of Tarquinia to close the race in certain areas.
through appropriate setting of the geolocation control system; if it deems it necessary in relation to the management of mobility, the Municipality of Tarquinia may at any time

extend or narrow the areas of inhibition of the closing of the race or de fi ne areas of the inhibition of parking o
circulation. The User must park the scooter in an upright position using the

tripod supplied. The User may not park the scooter in such a way as to obstruct a road

public or obstruct traffic and cannot park the scooter in such a way as to prevent
Ezero and others
users to have free availability. The scooter cannot be parked in the middle of squares, in

public green areas as well as in front of or next to the entrance to monuments, historic buildings or structures of importance
cultural, churches or pedestrian areas of particular interest. The application of this article is without prejudice

the respect of speci fi c reserved areas in which the parking of scooters or other vehicles is prohibited pursuant to
of the municipal regulation of reference.
If the User is unable to return the scooter to an authorized parking area and

should do so
deactivate or deposit in a private or prohibited area and / or in an unreachable area, Ezero may charge
to the User a commission for the withdrawal. If the scooter is left outside an area

authorized for parking, without notice, the User will be held responsible for all the amounts that
will emerge until the vehicle is recovered.
The User undertakes not to use the scooter outside the Municipality of Tarquinia and to pay fines,

taxes, penalties, seizure charges, court fees, tolls and / or any other expenses incurred by Ezero, as well as

any accessory and additional costs and / or expenses, which may arise from the incorrect operation of the scooter
and / or from parking the scooter by the User in violation of the rules of this agreement or

are due to the violation by the User of any law, rule, regulation and / or
while using the scooter rental service. Furthermore, in the event of total destruction of the
scooter due to his fault or in the event of breakage that determines the de fi
nitive usability of the
scooter, or even in the event of the vehicle being confined, undertakes to
reimburse Ezero the sum of
€ 800.00 and any other ancillary, connected and supplementary sum that Ezero is obliged to pay.

The User must report accidents, accidents, damage, personal injury, theft or loss as soon as possible
of the scooter. If an accident causes personal injury, property damage or a scooter is involved
stolen, the user must report to the local police authorities within 24 hours.

Specifically in the event of an accident or in the event of damage or injury to a thing or person resulting from the use of the same,
the User must:
- stop the scooter as soon as possible in a completely safe area;

- contact Ezero immediately through the Assistance Center to inform of the
accident / damage / injury e
cooperate by providing all the necessary information requested by Ezero; - report to the local police authorities within 24 hours;

- remain at the scene of the accident / damage / injury until it is ascertained that all the people involved
they have not suffered injuries and in this case until the arrival of medical help;

- wait for the Police and / or the Public Authority to arrive at the scene of the accident and have drawn up the appropriate
- all necessary measures have been taken to safeguard the evidence and to minimize

the damage, in
collaboration with Ezero;
- the scooter has been removed by a specialized company in collaboration with Ezero and has been parked in
safely or elsewhere;

- obtain general vehicle license plates and other data necessary to contact all vehicles and people involved,
witnesses included;
- have a copy of the report drawn up by the Authorities issued.

In the event that the User has not fulfilled even one of the tasks indicated in

letters above, Ezero is held harmless from any responsibility and will have the right to terminate the Contract
Ezero, without prejudice to the possibility of requesting compensation for all damages suffered, due to the non-fulfillment of the

obligations on the part of the User, to the User himself.
In the event of an accident, the Ezero Contract will not be considered terminated until the scooter is
duly returned pursuant to these Ezero General Conditions. However, if the scooter doesn't work
more or is no longer able to travel due to the accident, the Ezero Contract will terminate with the authorization of the
Customer Service. In case of damage to a scooter during the trip, the User must

report the damage to Ezero as soon as it is possible to do it safely, by writing to the email address

ezeromobility@gmail.com Depending on the extent of the damage done to the scooter, Ezero may charge
to the User up to a maximum amount of Euro 800.00, without prejudice to the
User's right to prove that

the fact took place without his fault.
The User must pay compensation for all damages borne by Ezero and the parties involved in the accident. The User
agrees to indemnify and hold Ezero harmless from any and all claims, requests, losses, liabilities and expenses
(including reasonable attorney's fees) arising or related.
By way of example, the User will be required to reimburse Ezero the sums relating to the following

- loss or damage to the scooter, its accessories, third parties or third party assets;
- loss of income suffered by Ezero and due to the impossibility of renting the scooter. Such a loss
it will be calculated on the basis of the rate equal to the use for a full day;
- any type of charge imposed by the Authorities (eg € 25.00 for removal costs);

- any other type of cost including, traffic offenses, blocking / removal of the

- VAT and other taxes relating to the above items.
In case of non-payment, delayed or partial payment, legal interests will be applied to the User.
The selection of the scooter repair and restoration workshop will be the sole responsibility of Ezero.


In the event of theft, robbery or vandalism to the detriment of the scooters, before or during use by a
User, the latter is required to promptly report it by contacting the Center immediately

assistance by providing the whereabouts and describing what happened. The Help
Center will then provide the
instructions to which the User must comply.
A scooter can be considered lost / stolen if it is not returned within 24 consecutive hours or

if the GPS device on the scooter is deactivated, or if the scooter is parked in
unauthorized private property, in an enclosed area, or in any other non-public space for more than ten

minutes after the end of a rental ride.
The User accepts and acknowledges that the last User of a scooter will be responsible for
loss or theft of the scooter itself, unless a situation arises from the circumstances

different. Should Ezero detect the loss or theft of a scooter, it will be legitimized and

authorized to initiate any action deemed appropriate against the last user of the scooter,
including, but not limited to, actions for restitution and to obtain others

adequate compensation and compensation and to file a complaint with the authorities

local police.
The User accepts
that the data generated by Ezero's computer systems constitute conclusive evidence of the period of use of a
scooter by the User. The User undertakes to report it to the police

loss or theft and to send Ezero the relative report or protocol number

provided in the
Ezero may charge the User the amount of Euro 800.00 without prejudice to the
User's right
to prove that the fact occurred without his fault.
Ezero reserves the right to retaliate against the User in the event that the User himself has determined or
facilitated theft for willful misconduct, negligence, negligence or negligence by charging him, by way
of compensation for damage
default or irregular fulfillment, an amount equal to the value of the scooter quantified in euros
Any sanction imposed for the use of the scooter by the competent authorities for failure

compliance with the Regulations by the User will be fully borne by the User
himself, including
any additional costs and / or charges. Ezero reserves the right to apply penalties to the User
materialization of the cases envisaged and regulated by the Ezero Contract, without prejudice in any case to the compensation of the
more damage. In particular, after having carefully examined the case and ascertained the

of the User Ezero informs the User himself via email of the amount of the penalty and following the
aforementioned communication, this will be charged to the credit card registered
by the User. Failure
payment of the panali may lead to the suspension and / or termination of the Contract and related amounts
they will be recovered by Ezero in accordance with the law.
Furthermore, in case of violation of these agreements, Ezero will have the right to terminate the Ezero Contract in progress
without notice pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code for breach of contract by the User
locking the scooter immediately. Ezero reserves the right to take action for
damages and
carry out any legal action for its protection in the competent offices.
By way of example only, it will constitute a case of default

severe multiple booking aside
of the User of one or more cycles without starting the rental.

Togo ensures an emergency service and control of electric scooters within 24 hours from reporting.

The User may use the scooter on the basis of a system of fares per trip or as otherwise

provided in accordance with the prices indicated in the Ezero App or on the website. In order to be able to take advantage of
Ezero services, the User must register and create an account by choosing the
method of

payment according to the instructions that will appear on the screen. Ezero reserves the right to modify the
the payment methods at any time by notifying the Users. At all costs applied by

Ezero will apply VAT. Ezero may charge your credit or debit card or other payment methods,
the amount of commissions. The rates are available in the Ezero App which reserves the right to modify, in

at any time, the amount of the amount per trip, advertising the new price. Ezero could

issue promotional codes that can be used to get a discount on rental services

reserving the right to modify or cancel the discounts at any time. The discounts are in any case
limited to one per User and cannot be combined. The maximum rental time is 24

the User undertakes to deactivate the rental of the scooter within 24 hours from the beginning of the rental. THE
Scooters not returned (blocked and completed) within 24 hours will be considered lost or stolen with

consequent charge of the costs indicated in this agreement.
In order to register to use Ezero services, the User must provide a credit card number

or a valid debit card and its expiration date, declaring to be the owner or authorized user.

The User authorizes Ezero to debit all applicable amounts on the card. All rates are subject
to sales taxes.
If the User wants to contest a charge he must contact by

registered letter with return receipt or by pec
at ezeromobility@postecert.it within 5 days from the date of the debit, providing the information relating to
rental. The User undertakes to communicate any changes to his credit card (expiry,

code change, card number change).
Before accessing an Ezero scooter, the User must provide his account with sufficient funds for the
travel. Charges will be made to the User's account at the end of the trip. If they are
Suf fi cient funds are available on the User's account for the trip, the remaining balance will
not be charged
as soon as the funds are added to the account later. The User will not be able to start a new one
travel on an Ezero scooter until sufficient funds are available in the account.

In case of delayed payment of the amount due, the User will be required to pay the legal interest of
referred to in paragraph 4 of art. 1284 of the Italian Civil Code


The contract will be automatically terminated only when the User has returned the scooter
putting in place all the following requirements:
- concluding the contract through the App ends the race;

- make sure that the scooter is locked;
- park within suitable green areas in accordance with the law.
At the end of each rental period, the User undertakes to take a photo with his / her device
mobile (smartphone) and to transmit it, through the special service provided in the app, to Ezero who reserves the
the right to charge a penalty in the event that the photo sent does not represent the scooter object of
rental, or if the photo of the scooter shows any breakages not present at the beginning of the period

The agreement between Ezero and the User will start from the date on which it is

registration for i has been received
Services and has been confirmed by Ezero and will have an unlimited duration. However, the User has the right to withdraw without any penalty 14 days after the registration date

by means of a specific communication to be sent to Togo by registered letter with return receipt or by certified e-mail
at ezeromobility@postecert.it
To withdraw from the contract, the user must access the Ezero App and delete the account following the

directions provided in the app. By withdrawing from the agreement, the User will not have any rights towards it
of Ezero and must stop any use of the scooters and any other service. Furthermore, the User

will be required to pay all amounts due and unpaid, which in the event of default will be recovered in accordance with
law. Following the withdrawal, the User will lose the ability to access the services. If the User is already a customer, he can withdraw from the contract with a 15-day notice by means of a specific

communication to be sent to Ezero by registered letter with return receipt or by certified e-mail to the address

Ezero may withdraw from the contract at any time by giving written notice to the User by means of
registered letter with return receipt or by email with 15 days notice. Ezero reserves the right, upon written communication, including by email, to terminate this agreement and / or

suspend the User's access to its rental services with immediate effect, in the event of failure
payment of any amount due under this Agreement and / or gross breach of any term or

condition of this agreement. In this case, Ezero reserves the right to seek compensation for the damage suffered
due to the non-payment by the User, of any amount due or consequent to the

breach by the User of any term or condition of this agreement, emerging damage e

loss of profit, by way of example but not limited to:
- failure and / or delay in payment of the amounts due;
- inaccurate and / or untruthful information provided during registration; - if the User, despite written defect, does not interrupt the serious violation;

- if the User habitually uses drugs, medications, alcohol, or other psychotropic substances;
- in case of non-return of the scooter or in case of driving by a different person

by the User;
- facilitation or negligent or willful commission by the User of theft, robbery,
- if the User incurs sanctions for violations of the Regulations;
- if the User has caused an accident involving pedestrians or vehicles or damage due to his own fault and fault
of the scooter;
Upon expiry or termination of this agreement, the User will no longer be able to access Ezero services.

This agreement is not subject to the consumer's right of withdrawal relating to distance contracts or contracts concluded outside
from commercial premises, since the single journey was started with the express consent of the User with the
fl ue of the general conditions and with the acknowledgment by the User of the fact that he / she will lose
your right of withdrawal when Ezero has fully implemented the

contract relating to
single stroke making the scooter available.

The User acknowledges and is aware that Ezero suggests activating suitable insurance coverage in
in relation to the use of the Service. To this end, the User can arrange to activate the insurance coverage
which it deems most appropriate with trusted insurance companies in order to protect damage deriving from use
of the scooter.

The Ezero app is licensed to the User for the sole purpose of making it strictly personal and
however non-commercial rental services. This license does not include resale or commercial use
services, the collection and use of scooter lists, descriptions or prices. The scooters and / or and related
components and brands cannot be reproduced, sold, resold, viewed or otherwise exploited for

any purpose without Ezero's express written consent. Any unauthorized use involves

automatically the termination of user authorizations and compensation for damages. All contents
present or displayed on the services, including but not limited to text, graphics,
photographs, images, images,

sounds and illustrations and any software provided through the services are owned by Ezero.

Ezero reserves the right to modify the General Conditions and the Tariff Plan for
future Ezero contracts in
reason for technological or safety evolutions of the scooters and / or the Ezero App or the conditions
economic conditions of the market or the entry into force of new regulations. The changes will
be communicated
to the User via email or by publication in the Ezero App.
Against the proposed modification, the User has the right to withdraw within 15 days without expenses or penalties.
The deadline for withdrawing is calculated from the receipt of the email with which Ezero communicated the change or
since its publication on the Ezero App.

The User guarantees that his personal data recorded in the Ezero App are always updated.
If the User does not promptly update their data, Ezero will have the right to

suspend the service until the User has updated such data.
Ezero is committed to complying with the new European data protection regulation known as the GDPR
(General Data Protection Regulation) in force since 2017. In
- we collect data from both our scooters and our Users; - we monitor the position, travel and status of our scooters to manage our fleet efficiently;

- we collect the necessary information from our Users such as payment details, contact information, location, so you can locate and find the nearest scooter e

the technical details of the phone;
- we separate the data of the scooters and the data of the Users and make them anonymous. The

provided by our scooters are important to help us improve our services and help cities,

for example, in urban mobility planning, to reduce traffic and pollution;

- we adopt procedures to reduce the risks associated with our business: we adhere to strict protocols
IT systems to protect users' personal data;
- we do not share Users 'personal data with third parties without the Users' consent, unless

that we are not legally required to do so;
- in some circumstances we may be obliged to contact Users directly for reasons

operational such as, for example, the use of scooters outside the permitted areas;
- You can decide at any time whether to receive promotional messages through your settings
account in our app;
- you can request at any time that your account be closed and your data deleted by contacting the
service center.

In order to execute the contract, Ezero has the right to collect, process and use
personal data
of the User, including the name, title, date of birth, email address, information on how to

payment and mobile number, as well as information relating to the Ezero contract, such as the place where
the User begins and ends the rental and the duration of the scooter. Processing of data relating to the contract

Ezero, in particular to determine and display the current position of the scooter, is carried out
using the Google Maps app and is essential for the full provision and proper functioning of the service. THE

data relating to the Ezero contract are transmitted to Google only in anonymous form.
The scooters are equipped with geolocation devices. Each scooter is equipped with a GPS device
which, detecting the position and conditions of the Scooters in real time and continuously, is also in

able to monitor the User's driving activity and to collect driving data such as braking

sharp, sudden acceleration, curves, scooter speeds, which are complemented by other contextual data
(weather conditions, time of day).
Driving behavior data and geolocation data are processed as part of the activity of

verification of the use of scooters to protect Ezero's assets, for the analysis in
aggregate and statistical form
the use of scooters in order to improve the service and protect the Ezero heritage. With the consent of the User and in order to make him aware of the prudence and safety of driving,
the data of the
driving behavior and geolocation data may also be processed for the purpose of evaluating the
driving behavior of the individual User and assign him a score. In order to incentivize
prudent driving behavior, Ezero could also apply rewarding economic conditions
with respect to
those of the tariff plan for Users who obtain a certain score. To determine the Ezero area, geofencing is used, a technology that defines a virtual territory with

the help of GPS coordinates and draws a virtual boundary around this area. In case of departure or entry

in the Ezero area with a scooter, the location will be accessible via GPS, which can trigger a series of
different signals. In addition to virtual boundary detection data, the system may also include data from

positioning of areas where parking is allowed or prohibited or terminating an
Ezero contract and points of
interest (POI), such as charging points. If you approach one of these places, a pop-up window can be

displayed on the device screen, to inform the user of the specific location nearby. In

if you leave the Ezero area, Ezero and the User will be informed. This system guarantees Ezero
protection against theft. Geofencing is not used to establish a personal profile

of the User based on his movements.
For more information, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

20. PRIVACY POLICY. All personal information owned by Ezero Mobility e

concerning the user, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, card numbers of
credit / debit and / or password, will be kept by Ezero Mobility in accordance with its Information on

privacy available at www.togoride.it


This agreement is governed by Italian law. For any dispute arising and / or connected to the interpretation or
execution of this agreement, the Court of Rome will have exclusive jurisdiction. Unless the Customer has acted and concluded this contract as a Consumer for purposes

unrelated to the entrepreneurial or professional activity carried out; in this
case the Court of
place where the customer has his residence or domicile, if located in the territory of the Italian state. So far as
any provision of the agreement should be or become invalid or void, such invalidity will have no effect
on the validity of the remaining provisions.


For any communication for the purposes of the Togo contract, please refer to the following contact details:
- Ezero Mobility, registered office in Abbadia San Salvatore at Via Garibaldi 35 - 53021 - SIENA

- email address: ezeromobility@gmail.com
- pec address: ezeromobility@postecert.it - telephone number: 331 751 8732
- website: 
If Ezero fails to assert, on any occasion, the rights and faculties contractually recognized to it
pursuant to this Ezero contract, such behavior may in no case be interpreted as a waiver of
own rights, nor will it prevent Ezero from requesting full, punctual and rigorous in a moment of success
fulfillment of the Ezero contract to the User.
In no case any breaches and / or behaviors

of the User different from the Contract,
may be considered as exceptions to the same or tacit acceptance of the same, even if not contested
by Ezero. The eventual Ezero in exercising or enforcing any right or clause of the Agreement, not

constitutes a waiver of such rights or clauses. Unless otherwise expressly indicated in the Contract, all
communications to the User relating to this contractual relationship may be made by Ezero

without distinction by hand, by e-mail, certified or not, by registered letter with return receipt, by post
ordinary or by fax to the addresses and / or addresses indicated by the User in the contract and, in

consequently, they will be considered to be known by them. Any changes in addresses and

Contact details of the User including the e-mail address indicated in the contract not
communicated to Ezero with the
the procedures provided for in the Contract will not be enforceable against it. Except
for speci fi c cases
provided for in the Contract, all communications that the Customer intends to send in relation to the Contract, therein
including requests for assistance, must be sent to Ezero exclusively at the addresses indicated.
Any total or partial ineffectiveness and / or invalidity of one or more clauses of the Contract will not entail
the invalidity of the others, which must be considered fully valid and effective.

The User acknowledges and
accepts that Ezero may communicate to third parties and / or disclose the data relating to
the Contract in any form (a
exemplary but not exhaustive title: the object, duration, name of the User) as a reference
commercial for the promotion of own products or services. It is forbidden for the User to assign the Contract
to third parties.
The User, after having read the Ezero general conditions governing the Ezero contract, as well as the
tariff plan and Privacy information, declares, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1341 of the CC, of
fully accept and specifically approve also the clauses referred to in Articles
Rates applied by the Manager

- Rate per minute: € 0.20
- Unlocking fee: € 1.00
- Promotional rate by depositing in the Togo Wallet: with a top-up of 5 euros you are not entitled to any
bonus, with a top-up of € 10 you are immediately entitled to a bonus of € 2, with a

top-up euro 20 yes
is immediately entitled to a bonus of 5 euros
- damage to the scooter for reasons attributable to the User: from a minimum amount of euro
150.00 to a maximum of 800.00 euros;
- use of the scooter outside the operational area: € 25.00; - theft of the scooter: € 800.00, unless the User proves that the fact occurred without him

- theft of the GPS tracker: € 200.00, unless the User proves that the fact occurred without

his fault;
- delay in returning the scooter if requested: € 12.00 for each day or part of the day

delay from the return request;
- application of administrative sanctions: from a minimum of € 25.00 by way of
reimbursement of expenses
investigation and management of the case.
The tariff plan is subject to modifications and updates at the discretion of the operator who

will be communicated to
Users and the Administration prior to entry into force


I confirm that I have read and expressly accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, to know the
operation of the scooter and that you are reasonably competent and physically fit to drive the scooter
I confirm that I am the registered user and that I am at least 14 years old (in the latter case I am aware that I am under the parental responsibility of my parents who are responsible for me and who authorize me to use the electric scooter after viewing this contract) and I undertake to wear safety devices required by law, not to drive a vehicle with another occupant, to comply with all the rules of the

highway code and national and local regulations applicable in the place of use and I will be
running. ———————————————————————

The combined provisions of current legislation define the characteristics necessary for a scooter a

predominantly electric propulsion (MPPE) can be considered a velocipede under the Code

della Strada, and therefore can circulate on the road as such. The
characteristics of the MPPEs authorized for circulation are:
• be equipped with an electric motor with a continuous rated power not exceeding 0.50 kW;

• be equipped with an acoustic signal;
• not be equipped with a seat and therefore can only be used with a standing posture;
• be equipped with a speed regulator that can be con fi gured at different speeds (at least between 6 km / h
and 25 km / h);
• bear the relative CE marking required by directive no. 2006/42 / EC;
• be characterized by the presence of a series of general components that allow

identify the vehicle as MPPE:

2.Brake lever
4.Control display
5. Handlebar
6.Electric cable or brake
7. Locking system for handlebar height adjustment

8. Steering column
9.Head tube (fork-frame connection) 10.Front fork
11.Wheels (2 wheels)
12. Frame
13. Footboard
14.Rear fork
15.Main braking group 16.Motor
From half an hour after sunset, during the whole period of darkness and during the day, if the conditions
atmospheric conditions require lighting, as well as when driving in tunnels, the use of MPPEs is

allowed if:
- the scooters are equipped with
(a) solid white or yellow front lamp which must be activated;
b) rear red retro-reflectors;
c) Fixed red rear light which must be activated
(in the absence of such equipment, the MPPE can only be conducted or transported by hand);
- MPPE drivers wear high visibility reflective vest or shoulder straps.

Drivers under the age of eighteen (<18 years) are required to wear a suitable helmet

Users must be at least fourteen years of age (
≥14 years).
It is useful to specify that it is not necessary for the driver to hold a driving license.

Circulation with MPPE is allowed in the same areas in which that of cycles is permitted, with
a further limitation: on extra-urban roads MPPEs can only circulate if there is a track

cycle path and exclusively within it. SPEED LIMITS'
In the areas of circulation indicated below, MPPEs must

respect the following speed limits:
Circulation range Maximum speed limit
to. Mixed cycle and pedestrian routes 10 km / h **
b. Pedestrian areas where the circulation of bicycles is not forbidden 6 km / h
c. Urban roads - traffic on the carriageway 25 km / h
* * see art. 3.7, Part II, of the Circular of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers 31March 1993, n. 432
(Explanatory circular of the inter-ministerial decree no. 467 of 6 July 1992).
Where not expressly prohibited, MPPEs are allowed to park in the stalls reserved for cycles.
It is useful to specify that, as vehicles, MPPEs must comply with the provisions of art. 157
of the Highway Code (“Stopping, stopping and parking of vehicles”) and by art. 351 of the relative Regulation
of execution.

For the circulation of MPPEs, all the provisions dictated by the Highway Code and its relative apply
Implementing regulations generally valid for driving vehicles, for example driving below

the influence of alcohol, driving in a state of psycho-physical alteration due to the use of drugs and the use of lenses
or certain devices (e.g. mobile phones) while driving. For the circulation of MPPEs

the specific provisions relating to velocipedes also apply, in particular see art. 182 of the Code
of the Road and art. 377 of the related Implementing Regulation, with the following
amendments and additions:

MPPE drivers must proceed on a single row in all cases where the conditions of

circulation require it, and in any case never side by side in more than two numbers (instead of
paragraph 1 of art. 182 of the CdS);
MPPE drivers must have free use of their arms and hands and hold the handlebars

always with both hands, unless it is necessary to signal the turning maneuver (change the

paragraph 2 of art. 182 of the CdS);
MPPE drivers are prohibited from carrying other people, objects or

animals; lead animals;
tow vehicles and be towed by another vehicle (in substitution of paragraphs 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of article 182
of the CdS).
In the event of violations, the administrative and ancillary sanctions laid down by the
Highway Code are applied e
related Implementing Regulation, as well as those established by art. 1, paragraphs 75-bis, 75- ter, 75-quater, 75-
quinquies, 75-sexies of law no. 160 of 27 December 2019 (as amended by law of 28 February 2019
2020, n. 8).
1. Legislative Decree 30 April 1992, n. 285, "Highway Code" and subsequent amendments;
2. Presidential Decree no. 495 of 16 December 1992, “Regulation for the execution and implementation of the
code of the
road "and subsequent amendments;
3. Circular of the Council of Ministers 31 March 1993, n. 432 (Explanatory circular of

interministerial dated 6 July 1992, n. 467);
4. Law no. 145 of 30 December 2018, “State budget for the financial year 2019 e

multi-year financial statements for the three-year period 2019-20212 (Financial Statement 2019) "and subsequent amendments;
5. Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport 4 June 2019, n. 229, “Experimentation
road circulation of devices for electric micro-mobility "and subsequent amendments;
6. Law no.160 of 27 December 2019, “State budget for the financial year 2020 e

multi-year budget for the three-year period 2020-2022 (Financial 2020) "and subsequent amendments; 7. Decree-law 30 December 2019, n. 162, "Urgent provisions regarding the extension of legislative terms, the organization of public administrations, as well as technological innovation

(Milleproroghe Decree) ”, converted with amendments by Law no. 8 (in detail rfr. art. 33-bis)